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Distillers Grain

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Dry Distillers Grain    

Dry Feed Analysis


DDGS are a flaky, granular feed with a particle usually less than 1/16 of an inch in size, 8%-11% moisture, golden yellow in color and a very pleasing aroma. It is the remainder of the corn kernel after the starch is converted to ethyl alcohol during the fermentation process. DDGS feed is utilized in cattle, hog, poultry and even pet food diets. DDGS works well in any ration with easy flowability characteristics, high levels of protein, fat, energy and micro-nutrients. The dry feed is easily shipped to destinations outside of the grain belt and coastal regions domestically.



Modified Distillers Grain

Modified Analysis

DE Wet Grain SDS

Modified Distillers with Solubles (MDGS) are similar to DDGS with the exception of a higher moisture content. MDGS are 53% in moisture content, making this feed better suited to cattle rations, because it allows producers to utilize lesser quality feed stuffs. Due to the higher moisture content, the majority of this feed is shipped within 100 miles of Dakota Ethanol. MDGS typically contains 30% protein, 9% fat and 85.5% TDN. Cattle feeders tend to prefer this form of distillers because of its pleasant aroma, feed value & ability to bring cattle to the bunk during feeding time; especially with young animals starting on feed after being weaned.


Wet Distillers Grain

Wet Cake Analysis

DE Wet Grain SDS



Wet Distillers with Solubles (WDGS) or Wet Cake is similar to MDGS with the exception of a higher moisture content. Wet Cake is typically 67% in moisture content.



Syrup Analysis

DE Syrup SDS

Corn Syrup with solubles in a liquid that remains after majority of the solids are spun off using centrifugation and become either DDGS or MWDGS. This liquid is added onto the DDGS & MWDGS during the drying process. However, the excess product is also sold in the liquid Syrup form to livestock feeders. This product is utilized in rations to moisten dry feed stuff such as hay.


Corn Oil

Corn Oil Analysis

DE Crude Corn Oil SDS
Corn Oil is extracted from the Corn Syrup and then sold to either the bio-refining industry or to be used as a livestock fat supplement. The majority of this product, when fed, is utilized in hog and poultry rations.


Sweet Water/ Thin Stillage

Thin Stillage Analysis
  Sweet Water is the parent product to Syrup. With less solids than syrup, the sweet water is used as a moistener or carrier for other ingredients in rations or as an alternative to a water source.



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